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  <li> Melvin Breuer, Professor
  <li> Melvin A. Breuer, Professor
''(213) 740-4469''  
''(213) 740-4469''  

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Unorthodox Computing: Fabrics, Circuits, Architectures and Applications

University of Southern California

Ming Hsieh Department of Electrical Engineering

3740 McClintock Avenue, EEB 203, 248, and 349

Los Angeles, CA 90089

September 23-24, 2011


As you well know, most digital CMOS computation is carried out in what is informally thought to be a deterministic manner, in that we expect to get the same answer running the same program on computers A and B. But, new computational fabrics are being created that contain billions of individual elements that are adversely affected by factors such as noise, process variations, material defects and chemical impurities. These fabrics, though imperfect, are attractive since they often provide for enormous gains in such areas as decreasing power and increasing performance. But these gains come at a price, such as lower yield and/or nondeterministic results. To exploit the benefits of these new fabrics, while accepting their inherent low yield and abnormalities, new models of computational are being developed along with the identification of problems that are amenable to stochastic rather than deterministic outcomes.

As a consequence of these and other factors, the organizers of this workshop are attempting to bring together a diverse yet synergistic group of researchers whose work may have great benefits to those working in related domains. Our focus is on computation and information with particular emphasis on: fabrics including CMOS and non-CMOS; circuits including nano, bio and molecular; architectures and systems; and applications such as multi-media and drug delivery.

Please find the agenda as your guidance to the workshop.

Program Committee

Steering Committee



Hotels near USC's University Park Campus

Hotels in Downtown Los Angeles



  • Yellow Cab – text pick-up address to 777222 or call (800) USC-TAXI

Public transportation

  • Metro - USC is readily accessible via a number of MTA bus lines.
  • Dash Downtown F Bus - Attendees staying in downtown Los Angeles also have the option of using the Dash Downtown F bus service, which loops around the USC campus.

Airport shuttle

  • Prime Time Shuttle – Attendees may use Prime Time Shuttle service with a 10% discount on service to/from LA basin airports and all USC campus locations. Reserve on-line at the USC site.


  • Park in Parking Structure A (PSA)
  • Enter at the Vermont Avenue Entrance at 36th Place (Entrance 6)
  • Upon entering the gate, please state the name of the event - this will be determined once parking passes have been purchased - and your name. A pass will be given to you. You DO NOT have to pay for parking.
  • Parking will be in Parking Structure A (PSA), which is the building to your right
  • For assistance, please refer to the campus map and type in "PSA" on the search bar.

Venue & Location

Ming Hsieh Department of Electrical Engineering

3740 McClintock Avenue

Rooms 203, 248, and 349

Walking Directions from PSA

  • From PSA, walk towards McClintock
  • Right on McClintock
  • Continue straight on McClintock
  • Destination, Ming Hsieh Department of Electrical Engineering, will be on your left
  • For assistance, please refer to the campus map and type in "EEB" on the search bar.


Click here to register


Click here for the agenda.


USC Campus

Workshop Locations - since there are three rooms reserved, should we draw a map of conference locations within the building?


Should you have any inquiries regarding this workshop, please contact the following staff/faculty below.

  • Annie Yu, Workshop Coordinator (213) 740-4465 annhuayu@usc.edu
  • Sandeep K. Gupta, Professor (213) 740-2251 sandeep@poisson.usc.edu
  • Melvin A. Breuer, Professor (213) 740-4469 mb@poisson.usc.edu