Signal Transformation, Analysis and Compression Group

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Compression Research Group

  • Visitors
  • PhD Students
    • Nazeeh Aranki (JPL), Multispectral image coding
    • Alexandre G. Ciancio Distributed Compression Algorithms for Wireless Sensor Networks
    • Hye-Yeon Cheong Error tolerant compression
    • Ngai-Man Cheung Distributed source coding
    • In Suk Chong Error tolerant compression
    • Jae Hoon Kim Multiview video coding
    • Yoon Hak Kim Compression for localization in sensor networks
    • Po-Lin Lai Multiview video coding
    • Kun-Han Lee Sensor data analysis
    • Sungwon Lee Sensor networks
    • Brent McCleary
    • Roger Pique, Classification tools for genomic data
    • Sean McPherson Analysis of network traces
    • Godwin Shen Sensor networks
    • EnShuo(Sphinx) Tsau Applications of wavelet footprints
    • Hsinyi (Ivy) Tseng Distributed source coding
    • Lavanya Vasudevan, Compression for sensor networks , co-advised with Urbashi Mitra.
    • Huisheng Wang, Multiple Description Layered Coding
  • MS Students
    • Meeta Jain
    • Ayberk Ozturk
  • Undergraduate Students