Signal Transformation, Analysis and Compression Group

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Compression Research Group

  • Visitors
    • Alfonso Sanchez
    • Paula Tarrio
    • Giuseppe Valenzise
  • PhD Students
    • Hye-Yeon Cheong Error tolerant compression
    • Zihong Fan
    • Woo-Shik Kim Video compression
    • Sunil Kumar
    • Kun-Han Lee Sensor data analysis
    • Sungwon Lee Sensor networks
    • Yen Ting (Greg) Lin , Waterflood tomography in Oil field
    • Sean McPherson Analysis of network traces
    • Godwin Shen Sensor networks, image compression
    • Lingyan Sheng Classification tools for genomic data
    • Ivy H. Tseng Distributed video coding, compression for speaker verification
  • MS Students
  • Undergraduate Students