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  • FIRST OF ALL, you should check USC The Graduate School Thesis/Dissertation Submission Website and follow the instructions there.

  • If you use LaTex, you can use the package LaTeX tools by brian gerkey or USC Robotics webpage.

    • Modified version satisfying USC graduate school requirements (as of Sep 2008) can be found here.
    • The only unsolved problem in the modified USCthesis.sty is converting italic font in table of contents (TOC) into normal font.
      But this can be fixed by the following trick.

      1. After compiling your main tex files (assume the name of main tex file is dissertation.tex), open dissertation.toc. Then, add LaTex command, '\normalfont', in front of the name of TOC items.

      2. Example: If you want to change 'List of Tables' in italic to normal font, in dissertation.toc file, change
      \contentsline {chapter}{List of Tables}
      \contentsline {chapter}{\normalfont List of Tables}.

      You can find dissertation.toc and dissertation_correct.toc in the package and compare.

      3. After modifying dissertation.toc file, you should compile again without regenerating or changing dissertation.toc.
      For example, in WinEdt, if you push Texify button it will compile and regenerate dissertation.toc file while if you push LaTex button, it will not change dissertation.toc.