Graph Fourier Transform Interactive GUI

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General Information

This website provides information about the software Graph Fourier Transform Interactive GUI which is developed in Matlab


Click here to download the GFT-IGUI


  • The code is written in Matlab(c) version R2014b.
  • To install the code, simply unpack the directory in a Matlab folder.

Getting Started

  • Before running GFT-IGUI you need to be sure you have installed the GSP ToolBox.
  • After that you can create a graph structure using the GSP ToolBox, a gr

1 Sensor network example

  % Creating a graph structure using the GSP ToolBox
  G = gsp_sensor(10, param);
  % Defining plot parameters
  paramplot.show_edges = 1; = 1;
  paramplot.vertex_size = 3;
  paramplot.cp = [0 0 0];
  % Defining a signal of the graph G to be analyzed by the GFT
  N = 10;
  f = rand(N,1)*20 + 60 + sin([1:N]'/5)*20;
  GFT_gui(G, f, paramplot)


  • Comments, questions or concerns should be directed to: Diego R. C. Silva (diego at ect dot ufrn dot br)


  • This work was supported by CNPq