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== Venue & Location ==
== Venue & Location ==
University of Southern California
''University of Southern California''
Ming Hsieh Department of Electrical Engineering
''Ming Hsieh Department of Electrical Engineering''
3740 McClintock Avenue, EEB 248
''3740 McClintock Avenue, EEB 248''
Los Angeles, CA 90089
''Los Angeles, CA 90089''

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The First Workshop on Unorthodox Computing

September 24, 2011


Location: University of Southern California, Ming Hsieh Department of Electrical Engineering, Room 248


As you well know, most digital CMOS computation is carried out in what is informally thought to be a deterministic manner, in that we expect to get the same answer running the same program on computers A and B. But, new computational fabrics are being created that contain billions of individual elements that are adversely affected by factors such as noise, process variations, material defects and chemical impurities. These fabrics, though imperfect, are attractive since they often provide for enormous gains in such areas as decreasing power and increasing performance. But these gains come at a price, such as lower yield and/or nondeterministic results. To exploit the benefits of these new fabrics, while accepting their inherent low yield and abnormalities, new models of computational are being developed along with the identification of problems that are amenable to stochastic rather than deterministic outcomes.

As a consequence of these and other factors, the organizers of this workshop are attempting to bring together a diverse yet synergistic group of researchers whose work may have great benefits to those working in related domains. Our focus is on computation and information with particular emphasis on: fabrics including CMOS and non-CMOS; circuits including nano, bio and molecular; architectures and systems; and applications such as multi-media and drug delivery.

Program Committee

  • Mel Breuer
  • Sandeep Gupta
  • Antonio Ortega
  • All professors of Electrical Engineering at the Viterbi School of Engineering, USC

Steering Committee

  • Fabrizio Lombardi (North Eastern U.)
  • Keshab Parhi (U. of Minnesota)
  • Gene Frantz (Texas Instruments)
  • Shih-lien Lu (Intel Corp)
  • Bernd Becker (Albert-Ludwigs-University)
  • John Hayes (U. Michigan)
  • Naresh Shanbhag (U. Illinois)
  • Abhijit Chatterjee (Geogia Tech)


Viterbi School of Engineering


  • Hotel 1
  • Hotel 2
  • Hotel 3
  • ...etc

Venue & Location

University of Southern California Ming Hsieh Department of Electrical Engineering 3740 McClintock Avenue, EEB 248 Los Angeles, CA 90089




Program Committee

Steering Committee



Venue & Location




Do we ask for 8 slides to be sent in advance?