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Multi-view Video Coding

Multiview video systems are used for capturing a scene from different viewpoints, so that 3-D information of a scene is contained in the resulting set of sequences. Such videos are emerging as a potential tool for new multimedia services, e.g., 3-D TV and free viewpoint video. Because a multiview video contains several video sequences from different cameras, widespread use of multiview video requires the design of efficient compression techniques.

A straightforward approach for multiview video encoding would be to use standard video coding techniques independently on the video sequences corresponding to each camera. To further improve coding efficiency, inter-view coding (IVC) can be applied, where block-based predictive techniques can be used that is similar to the motion compensated predictive coding techniques used in MPEG-2, H.264/AVC, etc. Please refer to MVC diagram .

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  • MPEG Contributions
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