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Genome Alteration Detection Analysis (GADA)


    • Click here to download the software. If you experience problems please contact to obtain a copy

    • Click here to read the documentation.

    • Sample files containing the unormalized raw probe intensities of chromosomes 1,X, and Y from 5 tritation samples analyzed with Affymetrix SNP 6.0 platform:
      • Input file to be used with the gadagui.exe. Download
      • Output file of gadagui.exe to be used with gadareport.exe. Download


    • Pique-Regi R, Monso-Varona J,Ortega A, Seeger RC, Triche TJ, Asgharzadeh S: "Sparse representation and Bayesian detection of the genome copy number alterations from microarray data", Bioinformatics , Feb 2008, abstract

    Paper supplemental information:

    • Additional results with the four neuroblastoma cell lines:
      • Graphical output for all chromosomes (pdf)


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